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Cheese Louise

Offering tasty cheese entrees since 2023

-   ABOUT US  -


When you hear "Wisconsin" what's the next word you think of? For us, it's CHEESE! What better way to celebrate this state's pride than to dedicate a restaurant to it. 


Born from the pipedream of a food truck, and thrust into existence through opportunity. Cheese Louise strives to bring you on a journey through time as you enjoy the old fashioned classics, to the newfangled creations in the world of cheese-centric meals. 

Living in America's Dairyland provides ample opportunity for us to explore the wide world of cheese, and that is why Cheese Louise uses ingredients sourced as locally as possible. Fresh bread from hometown bakeries, all the dairy products you can think of from throughout the state, and proteins from local delis, create flavor packed meals with that home cooked feel.

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